Dennis Hedegaard

A Software developer from Aarhus, Denmark. I work mostly with web technologies.

Find me on  Github,  LinkedIn or send me a  mail.


Interresting Github projects

Tetris running in the browser
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS
An implementation of the Hack computer, based on nand2tetris
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript
A simple rust application, for downloading the latest version of Neversink's lootfilter for Path of Exile
Language(s): Rust, Dockerfile
Tracking XP, levels and ranks in Path of Exile ladders, using ASP.NET core, SignalR core and React.
Language(s): C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Dockerfile
A serverless implementation of my youtube project
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS
A Discord bot for detecting duplicate links
Language(s): C#, Dockerfile
Aggregates youtube channels, from the youtube JSON api.
Language(s): Python, HTML, CSS, Dockerfile
A simple long-polling based solution to chat in a browser, implemented in django using React for the frontend.
Language(s): Python, JavaScript, HTML, TypeScript, Dockerfile, SCSS
A simple todo application for understanding the basic components of ASP.NET core, MVC and EntityFramework Core.
Language(s): C#, Dockerfile, HTML
Small experiment implementing a bot for discord
Language(s): Go
For listing objects in S3 like index listings from apache or nginx
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS
A webinterface for solving sudokus.Language(s): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Dockerfile
Fixes lag in discord using a message.
Language(s): TypeScript, Dockerfile, Shell
📈 Uptime monitor and status page for Dennis Hedegaard, powered by @upptime
Language(s): Markdown, YAML, JSON
A project for making static links based on a model in a database, it also features proxying requests and private links. This repo also exists on bitbucket and is probably more up to date there.
Language(s): Python, CSS, HTML, Dockerfile
A pollen API
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, Dockerfile
Some dotfiles I use, this repo also exists on bitbucket, and is probably more up to date there.
Language(s): JavaScript, Shell, PowerShell, Vim Script
6502 CPU implemented in rustLanguage(s): Rust
First attempt at using svelte for something, namely a simple tictactoe gameLanguage(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, Svelte
Mandelbrot genereal in Rust via WASM, drawn in the browser.
Language(s): TypeScript, Rust, JavaScript
Space invaders, for the browser
Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript
A calculation of circle-circle intersection area
Language(s): TypeScript, Dockerfile, JavaScript
Advent of Code 2020 - Implemented in Rust, compiled to WASM
Language(s): Rust, TypeScript, Dockerfile, Shell
Advent of Code 2019
Language(s): Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, Dockerfile
Implementations on projecteuler problem in various languages.Language(s): C++, C, Go, Python, Ruby, Rust, Perl, JavaScript, Java, Scala, C#
Advent of Code 2022 in C#Language(s): C#
A simple shell implemented in C.Language(s): C, CMake
A reimplementation of the sudokuweb project in rust/wasm and running in the browser insteadLanguage(s): Rust
Solver in puppeteer for minesweeperonline.comLanguage(s): TypeScript
Advent of Code 2021
Language(s): Rust, Dockerfile
Created with CodeSandboxLanguage(s): HTML, TypeScript, CSS
A simple parser for parsing data about pollen from DMI.
Language(s): Go, HTML, Dockerfile
It is time again :)
Language(s): Rust, Dockerfile
Let's try applying gravity forces between planets :)Language(s): TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML
Advent of Code 2017
Language(s): Rust, Shell
Implementations of problems during Advent of Code 2016Language(s): C#, Shell
A simple application for doing the autoclicking in the game Clicker Heroes.Language(s): C++, Makefile
Implementations of Advent of Code - Go, Makefile
Implementations of the various exercises in the gopl bookLanguage(s): Go